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22AWG servo extension twist with hook
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 Hook Servo Extension Wire 22AWG  Futaba style


No more accidental disconnection caused by vibration or accidental pull

Compatible with all standard size receivers and servo brands

Wire Color Code:    black - Negative    Red - Positive    white- Signal

JR or futaba Gold Plated Connectors

Wire gauge: 22AWG

Length:  100mm  200mm 300mm 400mm any length you want

Weight: 7.0g  


Safer connection! Do not come apart by itself!

Reach your heavy duty servos with just the right amount of wire. These cables are made with 26awg wire, the sturdiest you can get - these cables are practically bullet proof.

Have some servos that can't quite reach the receiver? Instead of splicing in more wire throw on these 60CM servo extension cables and be able to reach anywhere on the vehicle without having a ton of excess wire to keep tidy.


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