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18AWG silicone wire
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Specification for Super silicone wire:

Wire guage Compos.No,*mm Over diameter Bear Current Packing
10AWG 1050/0.08 5.5MM 140.6Amps 100Mt./reel
12AWG 680/0.08 4.5MM 88.4Amps 200Mt./reel
14AWG 400/0.08 3.5MM 55.6Amps 200Mt./reel
16AWG 252/0.08 3.0MM 35Amps 200Mt./reel
18AWG 150/0.08 2.3MM 22Amps 200Mt./reel
20AWG 100/0.08 1.8MM 13.87Amps 200Mt./reel
22AWG 60/0.08 1.7MM 8.73Amps 200Mt,/reel

Wire colors: black,red,white,blue,orange,yellow and so on, we can cut the length you require,and also the colors you prefer.